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Replacement Tyres

At R and T Autocentre here in Melton Mowbray, we offer a tyre replacement service for car tyres, van tyres, 4×4 tyres and caravan tyres.

We can supply and fit most leading brands of tyre as well as economy ranges and can advise you on the best tyres for your car to suit your requirements and budget.

Free Tyre Check

Tyres are one of the key safety components of any vehicle but very often over looked.  At R and T Autocentre we offer free tyre inspections and pressure checks meaning you can always be sure to be safe.  Just call in anytime, no appointment is necessary.


Important for safety, ride and fuel economy

You can find out the right tyre pressures for your car in the handbook or on a sticker inside the fuel filler flap or driver’s door. Remember that pressures are quoted for cold tyres and that you will probably have to increase pressures when you carry heavy loads.

In general the handbook or stickers will show two figures, one for ‘normal’ use and a higher figure for full loads. Be sure to adjust the pressures to suit the conditions.

If you can’t find details of the correct tyre pressuress please try our tyre pressure calculator, You will need to make a note of the size of the tyres fitted – taken from the sidewalls – as well as the make/model to check or simply if it is covenient visit R and T Autocentre and we will check for free.

How often should my tyres be checked?

You should aim to check pressures once a month, with the tyres cold, using a reliable and accurate tyre pressure gauge. Having the tyre pressures correct is important for several reasons:

  • Tyre life – under or over inflation increases wear
  • Fuel economy – under inflation increases fuel consumption
  • Safety – under or over inflation will affect grip and braking performance
  • Ride – over inflation can result in a harsh, uncomfortable and skittish ride

You should only check pressures when tyres are cold, which means the car should not have been driven for a couple of hours prior to checking.

Tyre Information

What to look out for

When you check the pressures take a bit of time to check the tread for wear and also to look for cuts, or bulges on the sidewalls. You should get any cut checked out by a tyre specialist, while a bulge indicates damage to the internal structure of the tyre which must be replaced..

Tyre Pressure Inflation Guide
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