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    Brakes at R and T Autocentre


    R and T Autocentre fit high quality brakes from the leading manufacturer Apec.


    Apec Braking

    Supplying the motor trade for over 30 years, Apec Braking is firmly established as the leading specialist braking supplier to motor factors throughout the UK and Ireland.

    Engineered to precise tolerances on advanced production lines, Apec parts are accurately made for first-time fitting, and offer consistently high levels of performance and durability.All Apec Braking components are manufactured and thoroughly tested to equal or exceed full OE specification, R90 or other appropriate standards, to match manufacturers’ levels of performance, comfort and safety.


    Investment in Research

    A €10m annual investment in R&D keeps Apec Braking at the forefront of braking technology – for example, by continually developing new friction materials to complement advances made by vehicle manufacturers’ new models. Apec’s new products and current production samples are regularly and painstakingly tested to ensure consistent, optimum braking performance.

    Apec brakes are designed, tested and produced to full specification. That’s why Apec brakes are Full Spec. Full Stop.

    Apec Brakes

    Your Safety is our Priority


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