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Without suspension in a vehicle the occupants would feel every bump in the road making for a very uncomfortable ride in addition to which the road handling and braking of the vehicle would be badly affected. Vehicle suspension consists of a system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages connecting the vehicle to the wheels.

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Suspension Overview

Shock absorber regulates the movement of the spring

Objective: To keep the tyre in contact with the road by pushing it down

  • 85% of all vehicles which go to the scrap yard still have their original shocks
  • Shocks & springs are only replaced when they have failed
  • Shock absorbers are a safety critical component and should be treated as a maintenance item

Shocks Absorbers and Suspension

How do shocks wear?

Wear is gradual

  • Oil passes through the valves with every movement of the car
  • 1,000 times per mile for 1st valve
  • After 75,000 miles, that’s 75,000,000 times!
  • Valves loosen up, allowing oil to pass through piston faster
  • Symptoms are harshness, bouncing

Worn Shock Effects

How do shocks work?

Shocks Diagram

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Your Safety is our Priority


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